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Scratchophone – Thierry Alari

Rue des Flandres, 7.  Neuchatel – 2000 – Swiss

Tel +41 32 721 1974

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About my mission:

” I was exasperated with my classic DJ gear setup, I couldn’t move it to play with others musicians, I couldn’t practice in the sofa or outdoors unlike the guitar …”
Many DJs from around the world have being asking for a shoulder strap type DJ equipment: A portable unit that can be used to entertain the audience visually and to appeal the player’s skills and techniques.
Prototypes were made several times but never came to a satisfying level. Main reason was because there wasn’t a way to avoid the needle from skipping,especially when walking…
I gave myself the mission to design this new “scratch only” instrument.
After a dozen of prototypes, I had what I always wanted : the first portable and all in one scratch instrument.
Now I take great pleasure in building custom instruments, to satisfy all the needs of Scratch DJ’s from all around the world. Every instrument bearing the Scratchophone name is produced in my own workshop, using only best DJ gears.
I build unique pieces of art for turntablists and sell them directly once finished.
But also, I do take special orders for special customers: you must then pay cash on pre-order and wait for a 3 months delay minimum.
All instruments are built with an attention to detail, and production is limited to only a few per year.
It is a specialised scratch instrument for those who want something a bit different !
Thierry Alari

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