The Minixer is a custom mixer dedicated to portable scratch DJ’s. It is designed to be solid as a tank and upgradable as well: custom means that you can choose your favorite cross-fader, your prefered IN/OUT/AUX IN connections (mini-jack, RCA etc.)  and even your battery type (9v or li-ion 12v). It’s based on the Nanofader, an open-source 2 channels audio mixer with integrated cut-in for ANY xfader. (Nanofader by Rasteri)

The ultimate portable scratch cross-fader !

  • Aluminium box (145 -121 -56 mmm) with big rubber feet
  • Nanofader board inside !
  • Pro X Fade cross-fader or optional others Xfaders
  • Audio In + AUX In + Line OUT  (RCA)
  • On/Off switch + led
  •  Rechargeable battery (12v, 3Ah Li-ion + 110/220V charger)
  • Options: Your custom box dimensions and colours – Your custom specs: Pré-ampli RIAA – Built-in Headphone Out – Etc.
  • Your own Xfader (send it to me) – Rane,  Innofader  – ANY others Xfader …





Minixer is also the perfect solution to fit a real scratch cross fader into ANY turntable !