DIY Parts

Portable Direct drive 1.8 kg/cm2 KIT:

Have you ever dream of building yourself your own turntable ? This is the ultimate kit for you!

Based on an high torque direct drive on the market (reloop RP4000), this kit is pre-wired, complete and ready to be implemented in your own portable turntable project.

Included in the kit: 24v rechargeable battery (+charger), drive + platter and servo + buttons (20%pitch, 33/45, Rev, Start/Stop, On/off)









The Nanofader is an open-source active turntablist crossfader circuit, designed to be as simple and cheap as possible.

With its adjustable cut-in, It works with ANY cross fader ! (Line IN, AUX IN and Line OUT)

For more info, please check the original Rasteri Wiki  ( )


ProXfade crossfader:

ProXfade crossfader is a cost effective, high quality retro-fit alternative to existing cross faders fitted in retail mixers. It offers amazing strength and durability by using cutting edge conductive plastic technology (which means that it will never wear down)

For more info, please check  ProXfade website ( )


24 VDC dispatcher:

This small PCB circuit is designed to distribute and dispatch 4 differents DC current from one source.

Usually, a 24v battery is dispatched into 2*12 VDC + 9VDC + variable one to fit any of your projects !


Custom skip-proof tonearm:

Scratchophone’s tonearm is designed to stay in place, in every position !

This skip proof tonearm design may fit ANY other turntable, it is built on order with your dimensions !