Workshop Blog

“Sorry I don’t take orders anymore ! I’m currently in pause mode,working as a clock maker. I’ll be back soon with a new project based on fine mechanical art. Thanks” Thierry Alari

Black Skratcho / Silver logo



Skratcho V1.1





SteamPunk Scratchophone


Not satisfied by this first steampunk try, I did start it all over again (less punk and more steam).



Skratcho 12″ proto !


Skratcho prototype #1

Wicked faceplate inspired by Hellraiser Box !


Black/Lime Scratchophone

  • 4.5kg torque drive + 24v battery + 2*DC/DC converters
  • Gnome + Nanofader + Proxfade

Special demand by customer: Rane SL4 insert box inside